Some examples of Private cruise itineraries to the Leeward Islands

Here are a few examples of carefully crafted cruise itineraries for exploring the Leeward Islands.

Whether you want to explore Bora Bora, Taha’a, Raiatea, Huahine, Maupiti, or other destinations in French Polynesia, we have the itinerary for you!

Taha’a Island Tour

A magnificent cruise abord our catamaran Totara for a weekend with friends or family !

3 jours / 2 nuits

Taha’a (2 nights)

Discover the splendor of Taha’a Island on a private catamaran cruise with MD Sail Services. Enjoy an unforgettable weekend with friends or family, explore crystalline lagoons, and relax in the luxury of our well-equipped catamarans. With personalized options such as a hostess on board or the full board package, create everlasting memories during your Polynesian getaway.

Engage in various and optional activities: snorkeling, coral garden visits, pearl farm tours, vanilla plantation tours, kite or wing spots, beach and motu visits, fishing and so more.

All for less than 40,000 XPF/person! Add a touch of adventure to your cruise and explore the hidden treasures of Taha’a, all while enjoying an exceptional rate. Make your getaway an unforgettable experience with MD Sail Services.

  • Boarding in Raiatea
  • Disembarkation in Raiatea


2 000 €

3 days, Excluding options*

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Moana Downwind

7 days / 6 nights

Huahine (1 night) > Taha’a (2 nights) > Bora Bora (3 nights)

This is the ideal itinerary for discovering the Raromatai over a week. It includes two crossings of approximately 4 hours outside the lagoon, allowing you to fully enjoy the anchorages and activities on the islands!

First, embark directly in Huahine to explore the lush and authentic nature of this island. Walk and swim on the stunning beach of Hana Iti and spend the night in the south in one of the most beautiful bays in Polynesia, Avea Bay.

Next, sail to Taha’a and circumnavigate the island under sail. Take the opportunity to stop at one of the many snorkeling spots and for a cultural visit: pearl farm, vanilla plantation, rum distillery…

Finally, you’ll head to the famous Pearl of the Pacific, Bora-Bora. One of the most beautiful lagoons in the world awaits you there. The nature it houses is incredible, with coral reefs, numerous blacktip sharks, stingrays, and leopard rays. Sometimes, you can even spot whales and dolphins!

  • Boarding in Huahine,
  • Disembarkation in Bora-Bora before 12 PM.



Per days, Excluding options*

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Moana Iti

5 days / 4 nights

Raiatea & Taha’a (2 nights) > Bora Bora (2 nights)

Above all, this is an ideal itinerary for a long weekend. Explore the island of Taha’a and all its riches before setting sail for approximately 4 hours towards Bora Bora.

Upon your arrival in the lagoon of the Pearl of the Pacific, a stunning sunset over Maupiti awaits you.

Finally, you will circumnavigate Bora-Bora to head to the southern tip. Here, at “La Piscine,” multiple snorkeling opportunities in the turquoise waters await you.

  • Boarding in Raiatea at 09:00 AM.
  • Disembarkation in Bora-Bora before 12 PM.



Per days, Excluding options*

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Moana Nui

9 days / 8 nights

Huahine (2 nights) > Taha’a & Raiatea (3 nights) > Bora Bora (3 nights)

First and foremost, this itinerary allows you to take the time to fully discover the Raromatai. In addition to Huahine, Taha’a, and Bora-Bora, explore the southern part of Raiatea. It is filled with treasures such as the famous motu “Nao Nao,” where peace and tranquility reign at the foot of Mount Temehani.

Furthermore, this itinerary provides more opportunities for land activities (such as an electric bike tour around the island). It also allows you to explore the island of Maupiti, which is about a 5-hour sail from Bora-Bora.

Finally, it’s an ideal itinerary to take your time and explore the islands while gradually adapting to the pace of the boat…

Be warned, you may not want to return!

  • Boarding possible in Huahine or Raiatea.
  • Disembarkation in Bora-Bora before 12 PM.

* Options may include a hostess and/or full board.
The boat must be returned with full water and fuel tanks, and the cost of mooring buoys is at your expense.

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